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Embroidered Blue Polo Thundershirt- Natural Calming Remedies for Anxious Dogs in Thunderstorms and Fireworks

Managing stress in anxious dogs is easier once you understand the techniques which are commonly used to help canines relax. Anxious dogs are likely to experience all types of problems as a result of their state.

Some dogs may have incontinence or experience seizures that are triggered by stress. Some dogs develop diarrhea and others have colitis. In many cases, these conditions will not arise if proven techniques are used to help dogs manage stressful events.

Embroidered Blue Polo Thundershirt- Natural Calming Remedies for Anxious Dogs in Thunderstorms and Fireworks

Embroidered Blue Polo Thundershirt- Natural Calming Remedies for Anxious Dogs- Stress in Anxious Dogs is Caused by Different Things

Stress can come from many different sources. A dog may experience stress when it moves to a new house. This type of stress is common among humans too. Moving to a new neighborhood or a new home forces you to re-acclimatize to your surroundings.

You have to meet new people, learn new routes to work, etc. In some cases, people who move house may find that they need to do repairs on the place where they live. This takes time and money and causes additional stress.


 Embroidered Blue Polo Thundershirt- Natural Calming Remedies for Anxious Dogs- Managing Stress in Anxious Dogs That is Due to Moving to a New House

Dogs face their own changes too when they move house with their owner and some may not eat for days without prodding. In cases like this, feeding them in a safe environment often helps to make them feel relaxed enough to eat properly.

By a safe environment, you should think of a place that the dog knows is safe because they have prior experience with that space being secure. Your new house or apartment may be safe but the dog has not yet proven that. They will need to sniff around, identify which animals are in the area, find out where threats may be and so on.

If your dog has recently moved to a new home and is not eating, it may help to feed them by hand. They will feel safe with you and are more likely to relax and stop worrying about the new environment.

You may also try feeding them in their pet carrier. If they are comfortable with their pet carrier, this may work. Many dogs feel comfortable in because it is their own private space. Soft side pet crates are good for this purpose and have many other benefits as well.

Your Own Anxiety can Cause Stress in Puppies and Adult Dogs

Dogs that are close to you will experience stress when you are under stress. Often, if their people are feeling ill or are distressed for other reasons, dogs will pick it up and become agitated too.

In some cases dogs will try to provide a bit of comfort in these situations. In other cases, the dogs won't know how to deal with it and may become agitated and restless.

Other Causes of Stress in Puppies and Adult Dogs

Puppies and adult dogs can experience stress because of other changes in their environment besides moving house. For example, dogs may become anxious in the following situations:
  • Aggression from adults, children or animals
  • Thunderstorms or natural disasters
  • Meeting strangers
  • Loss of toys or treats
  • Hazards in the home or yard
  • Death in the family
  • Pain

Benefits of Managing Stress in Dogs

People who take the time to manage stress in dogs experience the same benefits that they would when they take time to manage stress in their own lives.

A little stress is good but being under stress all the time is not good for the body or mind. Stress forces us to draw on our reserves and leaves us mentally and emotionally exhausted when it is experienced for too long.

Dogs that are constantly under stress are more likely to become sick. Their bodies are not in peak condition and they may become ill or develop several conditions that are stress related, such as:
  • Diarrhea
  • Incontinence
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Seizures
  • Irritability
  • Excessive barking

People who have suffered through excessive stress at different times in their lives may recognize one or more of these symptoms. People who are under stress may have nightmares, difficulty falling asleep, lose their appetite, have difficulty concentrating, etc.

Dogs may not easily show all of these signs but if your dog loses their appetite and their mood changes from that of an easy going dog to one that snaps at everything without provocation, it is possible that they might be experiencing stress.

Sometimes, just thinking back over the situations they have been in recently may alert you to what is causing stress in their lives and help you to manage that stress. Doing so will make life easier for you as well.

Preventing and Managing Stress in your Dog's Life

Loneliness is a huge trigger for stress. Loneliness or feeling isolated works against our sense of well being and since dogs are social creatures, they have the same problems when they are left alone for too long. They experience anxiety.

Spending time with your dog helps to prevent the type of stress that is caused by being left alone. At the same time, your dog will have to be taught how to entertain themselves and not be destructive when you have to leave them alone for a time. For example, when you are at work, they may have to take it easy and rest in the knowledge that you will come back.

If you allow your dog to socialize with other dogs regularly, they will be less lonely. Let them meet other dogs in your neighborhood or take them to the park to meet new friends. Play with your dog. It has numerous benefits since it keeps both of you active and it strengthens your bond.

Stress is a normal part of life and your dog should be taught what behavior is appropriate and what is not acceptable. Being under stress does not make them entitled to barking at other dogs in the family or at you.
They should not destroy things and think it's okay just because they are under stress. Nipping this type of behavior in the bud early helps and is a lot easier with puppies. However, you can see changes in older dogs too if you are consistent.

Develop a routine, a structure or pattern that allows your dog to feel secure, even when small things in their life may change. When a dog has their own space, such as a soft sided pet carrier, that they can escape to, it helps to alleviate some of the stress that they may feel.

Make sure your dog is getting the right nutrients as nutritional deficiencies can cause issues with behavior. Make sure they exercise often and do activities that cause them to exercise their mind as well. Paying attention to these key areas helps your dog to relax and prevents stress.

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